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At Plant Your Seed, we believe saving the planet starts with having compassion for yourself.  We seek raw and authentic stories from ordinary people who audaciously transformed their lives by transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Dec 30, 2021

Robbie Balenger is a plant-based ultra-endurance athlete obsessed with finding sustainable motion through space and time. This obsession leads Robbie to seek out mammoth athletic projects that span weeks and months. By exploring recovery techniques and honing diet choices, Robbie is investigating how he can keep...

Dec 23, 2021

Eric Leroy Adams (born September 1, 1960) is the Borough President of Brooklyn, New York City.
Adams served as an officer in the New York City Transit Police and then the New York City Police Department, for 22 years. In 1994, though endorsed by the Nation of Islam, he was defeated in the Democratic primary for a New...

Dec 16, 2021

Pat McAuley is a Boston-based serial entrepreneur, author, TEDx speaker, and wellness advocate. After a plant-based diet changed his life, Pat shifted his focus to building and supporting businesses in the plant-based space. He is the host of the popular Eat Green Make Green Podcast and Founder of PlantPub, a...

Dec 2, 2021

Jessica is a writer and animal advocate. Her work is featured in newspapers across Canada. She also co-hosts The Paw & Order Podcast, Canada's animal law podcast.

Nov 25, 2021

Jamie is the creator and director of the award-winning docu-series Wild Lands. Wild Horses. Jamie thrives on driving creative ideas from beginning to end. As an Art Director/ Creative Director over the past 14 years, she has helped develop some of the most recognizable brands in the world.
A horse lover since birth,...