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At Plant Your Seed, we believe saving the planet starts with having compassion for yourself.  We seek raw and authentic stories from ordinary people who audaciously transformed their lives by transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Sep 30, 2021

Robin lost her beautiful little boy, Danny, to SIDS in 2007. She fell into a depression so deep she couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function. Her 10-year relationship with her fiancé, Danny’s father, fell apart. She lost everything, including the will to live. Then finally one night after months of...

Sep 23, 2021

Erin Amerman is the founder and president of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary. Founded in 2016, the sanctuary quickly grew to become the largest bovine sanctuary in the United States. The sanctuary currently houses over 220 rescued residents, of whom nearly 150 are bovines.

Sep 9, 2021

Rachel McCrystal is the Executive Director at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. She has been at the Sanctuary for seven years. Rachel has volunteered for and worked at various animal rights, conservation, and sheltering organizations over the last 15 years with a focus on development, marketing, campaigns, and...

Sep 2, 2021

Karen Ranzi is an award-winning author, internationally acclaimed speaker, holistic health coach since 1998, certified raw foods chef, speech pathologist for 43 years, and director of the online 100 hour Vegan Certification Course. Her new book Heal and Prevent Autism: Natural Solutions That Work is out now. Karen...